Tuesday, December 23, 2008

decorative card holders

These are the containers I ended up making using my tutorial below. The recipients of my gift of cards were thrilled. It is so nice to know that ppl appreciate hand made gifts and they just loved the cards that I gave to them as gifts. One woman said that she valued all the hand crafted gifts I had given in the past, she said it meant more than anything you could find in a store.
How nice is that?!
These are three of the containers that I gave out. I'm glad they liked them, I hope the other recipients enjoyed them just as much.
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I got this new rubber on Wednesday. I haven't had a chance to put ink to it until today.
I think the color pallete is especially cool, totally unexpected too, by me especially!
I actually built my card around the flower, literally.I stamped my flower in bravo burgandy and garden green. Then I colored in cameo coral and green galore. From there I got the rest of the card.
I decided I really wanted to accentuate my flower, so I used a templet and cut out an oval. Then I used my complimentary color of ruby red to mount my flower and use the coral over it with the oval cut out. Then I decided I wanted to use some of the green as an accent. I didn't really care for the garden green, so I opted for green galore.
I thought the green was a wee bit bright so I decided to tone it down with basic grey. I actually wanted to put a ribbon around the complete flower panel, but I mounted it and forgot the ribbon, so I got some ribbon, tied a bow and used a glue dot to secure it.
I really wanted to add the sentiment to the front of the card, something I seldom due, so I stamped it in burgandy and was going to mount it on burgandy, but didn't like the look against the grey, so I changed it to the ruby red.
Once I secured that I really liked the look of the card but felt it was a bit empty at the bottom. I was going to use eyelets but saw these brads that matched perfectly.
What do you think?

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Stationary holder

I thought of this stationary holder idea after giving gifts of cards to my teachers from school. I had put the cards in a stationary holder, but it closed like a book, and the teachers didn't understand that there was something inside the holder. I had to tell them. So I thought to myself, how can I make a holder for cards that will reveal what is inside of them. With that, I came up with this box.

I used the premises from the previous holder and modified it to what I wanted.

I used an 8-1/2 by 8-1/2 piece of cardstock.
I scored on 8 inches, 7 inches, 1-1/2 inches and 1/2 inch
Then turned the cardstock and scored at 2-1/2 and 3-1/2
What You need to do after you make your first fold at 2-1/2 you need to cut.
Then you cut the other side in the same location at the fold.

From there you cut up an inch to the next fold on the fold that will become your side and front panel.

Then you take the small piece and adhere it to the flap that will get attached to what will be your bottom. Now you have half a box formed.

Then fold up your flap and adhere your side panel and back panels with tacky strip.

When you are done, you have a great box

Sorry this post is so crazy, but it took me forever just to upload the pictures and get them in correct order.
Have a nice night.