Monday, March 15, 2010

Creating again!

Hello fellowette bloggers! I decided to actually blog about my latest creation today. Splitcoast stampers had a challenge, "technique lovers challenge" I never do these, but I thought I would peek to see what it was. It was a challenge to make your own designer paper. So, I decided to use a technique I made up maybe 2 yrs ago or so. It is a combination of elements from like three different techniques.

I call the technique, SMOOSH, SQUISH AND SPRAY:
As you can see from my card, there seems to be a lot of movement on my background panel, that is due to the technique.

1. take a baggie, cut it along the side and along the bottom. I feel ziplocks work best.
2. open the baggie like a book
3. find coordinating colors, I used regal rose, and pink passion (stamp pads only)
4. on one side stamped the regal rose using your stamp pad, cover the side of the baggie
5. then stamp pink passion on the other side using the stamp pad, cover this side of the baggie
6. close the baggie, smoosh the colors together using a bone folder, go over the entire portion of the baggie with the bone folder
7. open the baggie, take a spritzer full of water, and a few drops of red food coloring, shake to mix, then spray one spray on each side of the baggie
8. close quickly then open again
9. take watercolor paper or glossy photo paper. Use glossy side out 2 pieces, otherwise fold your watercolor paper in half.
10. place on inside of baggie
11. close baggie, use bone folder to squish all the colors together, do for several seconds until desired effect is achieved.
12. open baggie, take paper out, if you use watercolor paper, you may want to take a heat gun to dry the paper, it will be soggy.
13. go rinse out your baggie for next use
14. use your new smoosh, squish, and sprayed image for your project.

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