Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Hello again.

Today, against better judgement, I made a card for the color challenge over at splitcoast stampers. They wanted dusty durango, so saffron and rich razzleberry to be used. This is the card I created for the challenge.
The reason I say it was against better judgement is because when I went walking today, holding the umbrella of all things just aggrivated my arms to no end. My left arm has always been the better of the two, but even this arm, holding it in a still position holding an umbrella for 15-20 or 30 minutes at a time, took it's toll on me.
I know alot people think I complain too much about it, but you know, you have 4 surgeries between two arms and tell me how you feel. They hurt every day, some days are worse than others. I am still waiting for my fifth surgery, hopefully the last. It is not a picnic. That is for sure.
But recently events have happened to me, where I am trying not to focus on the pain so much, and focus on things that will better my life, my health. I have been walking for 4 weeks now, and it really has boosted my self-esteem. I really hit bottom, and now, I am picking myself up and moving forward. I'm finally out of the depression that has plagued me for so many years. Bad marraige and bad health just made it unbearable. But the marriage is over (good for me), and my health is better, nearing the end of this long road of endless surgeries of my arms, so now, positive thinking.
Life is too short not to live it to it's fullest. I realize it now. It has been a rocky road over the past several years, but now my life is finally turning a corner, and only better and brighter things I see for my future.
Have a wonderful day, and God Bless

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