Saturday, November 29, 2008

I just made this really pretty card for the OOOC sketch challenge. After going to SCS to upload it, there is no category to upload for them. I just hope people get to see this card. I put a lot of effort into and tried to pop the colors of the dsp. Maybe someday my talent will be recognized.

I'm not an "in the box thinker", I'm an outside of the box thinker. I try to do things differently so I don't blend into the crowd. some people may think I'm wierd or have strange taste in how I make my cards, but I know I have creative talent. I have always been creative. I just never honed my creativity until I learned about stamping. I truly believe that this is where I really shine.

Have a great day!

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Grace (Scrappigramma2) said...

Oh Dara... this is my favorite of all your cards (I think... you have a lot I love)! I love the single ornament and the bg papers you used... and the corner treatments... wow! It's a great card! You rock gf! As far as there not being a category to upload to... I just put that challenge code in my KEY Words section and then it will be viewable in that group. The OOOC girls will be able to see them all in a group that way. Hope that helps. LOL.... it's not like I'm the computer expert but that's what I do. Great job Dara! Keep 'em coming!