Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hi, I'm Charlie, I'm 9 years old. I got to stay home today because it snowed. I asked mom what the challenge for the day was, and as soon as I saw this I had an idea.
I originally was going to use flamingos for my card but then the cardstock ripped while mom was out shoveling, so, I found some paper and changed my image. When I stamped on the workplace paper, I made a trail with my stamp, I thought it was cool. It looked as if the flower was moving. I wanted to repeat this affect.
This is how I made the "moving effect", I stamped my main image, then I slowly wiggled the stamp in the direction I wanted the image to move. It's kind of a rocking motion back and forth. I think it is way cool.
The card is on pixie pink, I like this color because it is nice and bright, then the other color is brilliant blue, another bright color.
Thanks for looking!

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