Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I made this for todays sketch challenge.
I haven't used my smoosh, squish & spray technique in a while, so I decided to use it today. I thought it would be a neet backdrop. I did my technique a little different this time. I usually use food coloring & water, today, just plain water.
This is what I did:
plastic baggie - cut on side and across bottomOpened baggie to look like a book.
stamped almost amethyst directly onto one side of the baggie (stamp pad to baggie)Then I stamped elegant eggplant directly to the other side of the baggie (stamp pad to baggie)I closed the baggie, used a bone folder and rubbed it along the outside of the baggie
Opened the baggie, sprayed clear water (usually food coloring and water is done this step) Only 3 squirts of water needed.Close the baggietake bone folder and smoosh it around the outside of the bag
Open the baggie, take 2 pieces either photo paper or glossy paper. Put glossy sides out, and matted side back to back.Put in center of baggie
Close baggie, smoosh, and squish the colors together using bone folder again.
Open baggie, see finished product, cut to size

I thne layered my pieces on eggplant and finished with the sentiment from dreams for you in artichoke.


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