Tuesday, January 27, 2009

On Sunday I got to hang out with my best friend. She's not a stamper, but we were both stressed out, so we decided to make cards. She had some stuff that needed cards for anyway. So I got to teach again. It was great. I am a SU demo, but I have no clients, so I am more of a hobbiest than anything. Due to finances, I might even have to give that up, but in any case, I love to teach. It is such a relaxing craft, and I am totally in my element when I make my cards.

It was nice to be inspired again. Things had been a little off lately for me, and I've kind of been in a funk and not creating to the best of my ability, but Sunday gave me light and enthusiasm again. I'm glad I had the chance to chill out with my bff and create and to get my mojo going again.

This is what we created.

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